Friday, May 25, 2012

HHU Treasury Challenge!

HHU Team and Friends of HHU hold regular themed Treasury Challenges. Many beautiful and interesting treasuries are created featuring members' and others' wonderful items.

A recent, absolutely stunning, Treasury was created by Nancy of DesignsStainedGlass  " S is for.... sunshine yellow!" for the challenge.

Today we are going to take a closer look at the curator's shop.

Nancy's shop is full of beautiful stained glass which she makes using the traditional Tiffany copper foil method. Her designs are beautiful, varied and include stained glass sun catchers, gifts, night lights, and panels. Her handmade designs include abstract, modern contemporary, traditional, and country styles.

Her hand crafted stained glass art pieces make wonderful gifts that can last a lifetime. She carefully selects the glass to be just right for the design and the effects created are different as the seasons and light change making her pieces an endless source of pleasure.

Once you have taken a good look at Nancy's treasury please take a look at DesignsStainedGlass .

Choose a favourite item from Nancy's shop 

               and tell us what item you have chosen;
               and why you have chosen it

in the comment box below the treasury, here on the blog.

Thank you for sharing your views with us.     

Everyone loved Nancy's bright sunny treasury but...

What do we love in Nancy's shop? 


"I love pink and this meets that criteria. I think this would be simply lovely hanging in a nursery window for a little girl."

 Aloha Letterpresss

"This dragonfly stained glass is one of my favorite pieces. The beautiful dragonfly looks wonderful against the other glass that has a variety of textures and designs. It must be even more beautiful when the sunlight streams through it!"


"I had a hard time choosing because I'm in awe of Nancy's work.

This panel has so many textures and shapes. I'd love to see the patterns it would create in a sunny window".

 Sewsouk (that's me!)

"Choosing is very hard as Nancy has so many wonderful pieces and such varying styles.

I love the heart suncatchers- such a simple design but so beautiful- a true artist never over complicates and the simple shape highlights the beauty of the glass. The beveled clear glass at the top is a clever touch which will catch the light and the blue textured glass- moroccan blue- is gorgeous in this one"


"I love Nancy's stained glass! It's hard to pick a favorite- I really like her abstract panels, and her imaginative night lights. But I think my favorite in her shop right now is this business card holder:"


'S is for....' by DesignsStainedGlass

Sunshine yellow!HHU Team and Friends weekly treasury challenge.

Yellow Sole Felted Wool...

Legend of Zelda - TRIFO...

Birds and Branches Yell...

summer photography pale...

Whale Tissue Holder - Y...

Personalized Letterpres...

Yellow Polka Dotted Sum...

Rani resin bangle brace...

Yellow Glass Flower Ear...

Yellow Sardonyx Earring...

Curious Curls - Summer ...

Yellow Art Glass Vase l...

Silk Ring Bearer Pillow...

The Yellow Trench print...

Key Chain Pendant Croch...

Ceramic Owl Planter Vin...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Treasury Challenge!

HHU Team and Friends of HHU have regular Treasury Challenges where team members' and others' items are featured.

Beautiful, creative treasuries are created with some of the fantastic finds and treasures to be found on etsy.

MarieGems created this stunning treasury recently ," Memorial Day,  Pray for Peace ".

Let's take a closer look at her choices.

We would like you to look at the shops she included in her treasury- you can click on the items and enter the individual shops featured.

In the comment box beneath the treasury, here on the blog please leave a comment telling us

     *       your favourite item included in the treasury

     *       tell us why it is your favourite

     *       if you want to choose a different item from a featured shop than that featured in the treasury please do so but tell us why you like the item.

What were our  favourites in the Treasury?

Fabricgreetings chose this pendant fom JewelsbyJakimi's shop

"I really like the definition pendants from JewelrybyJakemi..They just seem to reach out and touch a special spot of my soul. It is really hard to select a favorite, but sister one has special meaning "

Alohaletterpress said

"I think Robin's tote reflects the Memorial theme so well. The attention to details with the design of stripes, stars, and colors are amazing!"

 Sewsouk said

"My favorite if from KPTography's shop. I think the use of the software designed for quilters to make this kaleidoscope effect is so cool. I love that the pattern is made up of the natural blues and greens of the wild bluebells in the original photo. I had a kaleidoscope as a child and loved daydreaming and making wonderful intricate patterns. This beautiful notecard reminds me of that time"

RobinsFlight said

"I think I like this dainty little necklace best of the items in the treasury because of its simplicity." This is from onelifejewelry's shop

KPTograpghy says

"I love these stitch markers from Jeanie B. Its a great way to remind me (even when I'm dropping stitches or battling a cat who thinks the yarn if for her) that I love to knit and love knitting for friends and family. "

JeanieBeanHandknits says
"This is one of many favorites from this new shop", impressionONE

'Memorial Day' by MariesGems

Pray for peace.

PRAY Definition Vintage...

Red Heart Pillow Cover ...

peace sign wall art met...

American Flag Cufflinks...

500 Mini White Paper Do...

ACEO - Art Card - Beli...

Fleur de Lys Dog Collar...

Letterpress Cards Lehua...

Stars and stripes big t...

Les Miserables Quote 5 ...

The Earjeans 365 collec...

Rustic Wooden Thank You...

Blue Bells Kaleidoscope...

Knitting Stitch Markers...

Patriotic pillow, Red w...

Tiny Gold Star Necklace...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Treasury Challenge!

HHU team and Friends of HHU have a weekly Treasury Challange featuring items from team members and others shops.

One of our very best treasury curators is FabricGreetings and this week we are featuring a recent fabulous Treasury she created for the health conscious "May is National Salad month"

FabricGreetings has a wonderful shop of quilted fabric postcards and ACEOs ( Artist trading cards). Her cards are original,often humourous, very unique and beautifully crafted.They won't tear and noone else will send an identical one so yours will be so much more special for the receipient. She has just the right card for every occassion and what better way to send someone a note or good wishes than with one of her beautiful cards that can be framed as a lasting gift for years to come? She also has pillowcase greetings too!

Once you have taken a good look at Fabrics wonderful treasury please drop into  Fabric's shop and have a brouse around. Tell us in the comment box here on the blog, below the treasury, which item in her shop is your favorite and why. We would love to hear your views.

Everyone agreed that Fabric's treasuries are fantastic and that this one was stunning but

What did we like in Fabric's shop?

Sarah Kathryn

loves" all of FabricGreeting's quote postcards.. Especially the Emerson quote! Such a meaningful way to send real mail! "

Aloha Letterpress said

 Fabric's cards are special with attention to detail, humor, and great keepsakes that will you make you reflect and smile. Her favourite is

Sewsouk said

"I love so many of Fabric's quilted cards- I love their dry sense of humour but also the detail,design and the quality- they are faultless and I don't say that often about things"  Her favourite is

Marie said

Fabric puts together the most wonderful Treasuries! It's no surprise--her handmade keepsake fabric postcards and pillowcases are amazing. Her favourite is

She says Celebrate everyday and show someone you really care with a quilted postcard from Fabric Greetings!

Robin's Flight says:

"Fabric's shop is always a pleasure to browse through- a tribute to a now-dying legacy of postcards that brighten your day. I like her bookmarks also, being a huge reader...especially this one! I'm always up for dessert!"

Nancy says her favourite is this one

 Jeanie says

"I''ve purchased a few of Fabric's postcards. They are beautifully made and appreciated by my mom and mother-in-law. They have them framed.
Next on my list are the pillowcases. Perfect for those going off to college or a special birthday. Here's one I love":

 Sari says:

" Your shop is so much fun and such a fantastic reflection of you and how much your wit and friendship means to me and of course I think so many others!!
Every time I stop by the shop there is something super cute or endearing or comical!
Today I love and it is so perfect for our group! We should all have one on our pinboards in our shops:

 Lynn says

"I've purchased several of Fabric's lovely cards, and kept a couple for my own enjoyment! Each is a work of art. She has a keen eye for color and design, which is why she is also so adept at putting together such wonderful treasuries. It's difficult to chose a favorite from her shop, but this one caught my eye because it is so cheerful and pretty"

April said

Fabric makes the best treasuries! I love her girlfriends cards - they all make me laugh!"

 Oh La La!  seems to be a firm favourite.

'May is National Salad Month' by FabricGreetings

Salads don't just have to be green. Use these colors as well.This is part of the HHU Team and Friends weekly treasury challenge.

Lettuce Turnip the Beet

Wool Felt Vegetables P...

SALE - Birch Wooden Bow...

Moroccan large art silk...

Martini Earrings - Oliv...

Antique French Vegetabl...

Swiss Chard Kaleidoscop...

Heirloom Dragon Carrot ...

Nature Photograph - Mus...

Radish original waterco...

Resin skinny stacking r...

Organic Spaghetti Squas...

Spinach Side Salad with...


Personalized Letterpres...

Lettuce Eat Better Feel...