Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Treasury Challenge!

HHU and Friends of HHU teams regularly hold Treasury challenges. Beautiful treasuries are created on the chosen theme showcasing members' and others' items for sale on etsy.

As a thank you we often feature the shops of the Treasury Creators here on our blog.

Today we are taking a closer look at Nancy's shop ( well she is multi- talented and actually has 2 shops! but we are going to delve into her handmade bag and home decor shop NancyEllenStudios)

First lets look at Nancy's lovely Treasury promoting  Breast Cancer Awareness entitled Pink for hope and a cure- a very worthy goal.

'Pink - for hope and a cure.' by DesignsStainedGlass

Breast cancer awareness.

Sock Monkey Pink Ribbon...

Fight like a girl, pers...

ORIGINAL Semi Abstract ...

Knit Kindle Fire IPad M...

Breast Cancer Awareness...

Pink Rhodonite Earrings...

Ribbon Symbolizing a Pe...

Glass keepsake breast c...

Profits to American Can...

Pink resin bangle brace...

In Favor of a Cure Thin...

Wall Mount Magnet Board...

I Believe in PINK by Au...

Vintage AVON Breast Can...

Wings of HOPE for the C...

Little Hope Planets

NancyEllenStudios has so much more than handmade bags and purses.- which are lovely! She has journals, pillows,home decor gifts , organizers, sachets,cat toys,toys and more still.! Everything is handmade in her shop for you and your home

Her products are lovingly and beautifully made and the one word that sums up her gorgeous shop is quality. Quality of materials and workmanship. Nancy's items are not only beautiful, practical and well made they are so well thought out and designed too. You know the type of niggle that sometimes drives you mad well Nancy has got there first and designed her product in such a way that you will get years of pleasure using her things without any of that annoyance. Her items make perfect gifts for your friends and family and for you too! 

Take a moment to browse through her shop and tell us in the comment box, here on the blog below the treasury ,which item in her shop is you favourite and why. We love to hear your views

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recharging Your Batteries

In keeping with the "vacation" theme, here's a post from HHU team member FabricGreetings (also known as ADollsNecessities) about her recent trip: 

Have you ever noticed how many things in our lives need to be recharged? There are phones and computers and tablets and flashlights and portable tools. There are charging stations for IPods and cell phones and even cars. Some stores and parking lots have special spots for recharging your electric vehicle.
But what about us? We need to be recharged every once in awhile. How do you accomplish that in your hectic life? Is it a night out on the town with friends, a romantic dinner with a special someone, a day at the spa or a walk in the woods? And how often do you need to do that?
I get to really recharge my batteries once a year. Oh, they get a little boost throughout the year, but my big recharge comes every September when we head to Maine. There is a place on the coast of Maine called Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park.

Yes, there is a lighthouse there. It is actually the one on the back of the Maine state quarter. It sits atop a rocky point of land that juts out into the ocean. Surprisingly enough, you can walk down on the rocks if you wish. But you are also warned that rogue waves do cause problems.

So I have a special rock at the top of the cliff that fits my bottom. I can look down at the waves and smell the salt air without being in harms way.

This year we got to Pemaquid on two different days and experienced two entirely different oceans pounding the coast. The first days was calm, but overcast, and the waves covered the rocks and rushed back out. The aqua colors in the water were bright and beautiful. The second time we were there – even though it was bright and beautiful, a storm was brewing and the noise of the pounding surf was almost deafening. But there I sat, on my rock, enjoying every single minute. For two hours I watched the waves crash and curl and spray water every where. For the first time in the over 50 years I have been visiting that spot, I saw a seal enjoying the waves. Life was good and I am recharged.

It is hard to really get the feel of the ocean from a picture, but I do hope you enjoy them.