Thursday, March 31, 2011

Team Spotlight! OpossumHollowRoad!

This month we are proud to spotlight OpossumHollowRoad. Are you looking for a stylish, one of a kind case for your electronic gadget(like the one below)? Do you need a pretty pillow for your couch? These are just some of the items you can find in this eclectic shop.

1. Tell us your name, nickname and a little about who you are.

My name is Kim New. I work full time, have 4 children, a wonderful husband, and a menagerie of pets.

2. Surprise us with something about you that you think will shock us!

Hmmm…nothing really shocking, but there may be some things folks might not know about me. I play the fiddle, I am a vegetarian, I am learning Contra dancing. I have lived in Kansas, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, New York and now Tennessee! I used to be a competitive swimmer and went to college on a swimming scholarship. Oh, I know what might shock a few people! I adore opera!! I know, I know-you either love it or hate it!

3. What is your main craft?

I enjoy sewing anything, except for piping (owing to a recent unfortunate incident that I won’t discuss here!). I love making custom designs for people. I’m into upcycling or repurposing things because it allows me to combine my love of thrift shops and antiques stores with my love of sewing.

4. How did you start with Etsy?

I saw a reference to Etsy in a magazine. I had never heard of anything like it and was instantly excited and motivated to be a part of it. I joined immediately but didn’t actually start listing items until late June.

5. Any secrets to share for success?

I consider myself a newbie and am still learning the ropes!

6. What are your hobbies or pastime when you are not doing Etsy?

I love to knit, peruse thrift and antique stores, see movies, play the fiddle, go for long walks with my husband, listen to music, learn other languages, and travel internationally (which I don’t get to do very often).

7. Where would your dream vacation be? and why?

I love Italy and a dream vacation would be several weeks in a villa in Tuscany. I love Italian culture (and food!) and especially like the family oriented, laid back slower pace I have seen in many parts of Tuscany. I crave a slower pace where I can appreciate every moment.

8. What do you hope to contribute to and gain from Hearts and Hands United?

I hope to be an active member in all activities the group undertakes. I hope to give and gain friendship and support. This is such a warm group of friends who are truly there for each other. The title of the friendship thread is so perfectly descriptive of what HHU offers and I believe that’s why so many people are drawn there.

9. Where can we find you?

10. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Your strength?

I draw inspiration in life from nature (Tennessee is so beautiful!) and from those around me-family, friends, colleagues. You truly can’t judge a book by its cover and I am so often touched by the life experiences of others.

My husband is my biggest fan and supporter. He truly would give me the moon if he could. But enough of the mushy stuff!!

11. Anything else you want to add?

I am honored to be a part of such a talented, knowledgeable, and caring team of artists.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mission Treasury Results! Turquoise Daisies and Dragonflies

NancysBagsEtc created

FabricGreetings created

AlohaLetterPress created

RitzeeRebel created

RobinsFlight created

JewelrybyJakemi created

And the Winner ...

'Tempting Turquoise and Dreamy Dragonflies' by alohaletterpress

Treat yourself to tempting turquoise and dreamy dragonflies!

SALE Turquoise art silk...

Dragonfly Brooch - Oran...

daisy bird tea towel in...

Aspens in Gold - Ready ...

Dragonfly Button Wire W...

Its a Colorful World......

Ceramic Dragonfly Heart...

Flower, dragonfly and t...

Turquoise Gerbera Daisy...

Reusable Sandwich Baggi...

Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracel...


Wrap bracelet dragonfly...

Wristlet purse, soft, r...

Orange Dragonfly ORIGIN...

Antique Brass Dragonfly...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Several years ago, my husband and I spent our anniversary traveling through the Central California wine country. We decided to visit a town called Paso Robles, and were surprised to find all the businesses closed and some of the streets blocked off. What was happening, we wondered? A power outage, perhaps? A bank robbery gone bad, with the robbers holed up somewhere in a stand-off? Parking our car on a side street, we went to investigate. We found people sitting in folding chairs along the curb, lining the length of the main street on both sides. My husband asked why everyone was camped there. We were told it was Pioneer Day, which the town had been celebrating with a parade since 1931. Intrigued, my husband and I waited along with the others.

We were not disappointed. Soon there was a stream of old tractors, people on horseback, vintage fire-trucks, stagecoaches, and other antique vehicles coming up the street. The participants were dressed as cowboys, gunslingers, saloon girls, prospectors, and well, pioneers. Many of the vehicles were decorated with American flags and red, white and blue streamers.

Paso Robles is one of the fortunate Old West cities to have survived the passage of time. The reason Paso Robles still exists is probably because it was not a mining town, but known for its mineral springs and rich surrounding farm and ranch land. There were numerous Old West towns not so lucky. They boomed during the gold-rush, then fell to ruin when the mines ran dry. Many of these towns are now deserted "ghost towns". Places such as Virginia City and Calico have gone commercial and are tourist destinations with guided tours and souvenir shops. Others have become State Parks.

As a child, I was able to see a true ghost town before it was affected by any commercialism. It was called Bodie, and situated high in the Sierra Mountains of California. The first claims there were recorded in 1860, but it wasn't until 1878 that large gold deposits were found in Bodie. From 1860 to 1877, Bodie had a population of twenty; by 1879 it had grown to twelve thousand. Bodie became known as one of the most lawless, wildest and toughest mining camps in the West.

I was entranced when I visited Bodie all those years ago and saw the rickety wooden jail, the Minor's Hall where they held dances, and the stone Toll House. As I peered through the broken windows into the unoccupied buildings, I tried to imagine Bodie in its heyday. It seemed so exciting and adventurous to my young mind. Now I realize what it must have taken for those individuals to leave home and trek into unknown and hostile territory. Perhaps Paso Robles shouldn't be the only place to celebrate Pioneer Day. It was a phase of American history worthy of a parade.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mission Treasury! Create a Spring Green treasury

Mission Treasury is all about getting you, our readers, in on the treasury making fun! We also hope that you will find a shop or two to introduce us to that is fun and exciting!

So, we will be posting a theme and 4 shops each Monday - and challenging you to create a treasury that fits the theme and contains at least one item from one of the 4 featured shops.

You will have one week to create your treasury, and come back to the blog post and leave your treasury as a comment.

The best treasury will be featured, and all treasuries submitted will be mentioned!

The results of this weeks Mission Treasury will be posted on April 6th 2011!

Mission: Create a Spring Green treasury!

Shops to choose from (you must include at least one item from one of these shops)

Thanks to Sewsouk and Woodlandnature for coming up with these great themes!

Friday, March 25, 2011

February Challenge (No. 11, Part 4)

The grand finale week for our February challenge has arrived! These are the final items entered in what was a very popular Team Challenge. As a reminder, the challenge was to make an item that represented the phrase "April Showers Bring May Flowers". And here we go...

Woman with Tools entered these sweet and colorful "daisy" earrings made from vintage buttons.

How about some floral jammies for your pampered pooch? This warm and cozy looking outfit was submitted by Puttin' On The Dog Designs.

I love this Forsythia tote from Robin's Flight! Perfect for your Spring wardrobe.

Our last item of the month is this adorable quilted bookmark from Fabric Greetings!

Our February challenge is now complete! Now don't forget to submit something for our March Challenge
You have a few days left!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Team Spotlight! Shoshipo!

Yet another wonderful team member of HHU to introduce you to! This time it is Shoshi of Shoshipo. Shoshi is a talented jewelry maker. She recently took a hiatus from her shop but is busily working on filling it back up. Check out these earrings!

1. Your name, nickname and a little about who you are
My name is Susan Shenkelman but my nickname is Shoshi, which is my original name that I got when I was born in Israel.

2. Surprise us with something about you that you think will shock us!
Not sure if it will shock anyone, but all I can think of is that I am a 9/11 survivor and worked in my first job out of college in tower 2 when it happened.

3. What is your main craft/art/collectible?
My main craft is jewelry

4. How did you start with Etsy?
I first started with Artfire and from there I discovered Etsy

5. Any secrets to share for success? What tool do you use to track your success?
Patience is the secret. Don't give up. I use Etsy, Craft Cult, and Google

6. Hobbies or pastime when you are not doing Etsy.
I usually go out to dinner, bars, or movies.

7. Where would your dream vacation be? and why ?
Tahiti because i love that turquoise water!

8. What do you hope to contribute and gain from Hearts and Hands United?
Friendships and support from the HHU team. I try to contribute with advertising on twitter, Facebook, etsy, etc.

9. Where can we find you?
Your shop address
Blog Address
Youtube video:

10. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Your strength?
From my parents

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mission Treasury Results! Create a Treasury Full of Avocados and Oranges!

Wow! We had 8 treasury entries for this one! I hope just as many will participate in this week's mission treasury!

Here are the Entries full of Avocados and Oranges!

1. created

2. created

3. created

4.Blogger created

5. created

6. created


7. created

And ... The Winner is ... RitzeeRebel!! Just fabulous!! (... Now give me a glass of Orange Juice!!)

'Fresh From the Grove' by RitzeeRebel

Freshly picked orange and avocado items!

vintage AVOCADO print -...

Just Me SALE - Vintage ...

OLIVE FOREST Necklace, ...

Charming Orange Door - ...

love on a sunday mornin...

Eat Sleep Beach Pillow ...

Just A Few Left - NEW I...

Small Coupon Organizer ...


Citrus Soap Flowers

Avocado Green Thermal I...

S is for Spaceship 8x10...

Fire King Lucky Green C...

JUICY NAVEL 8 oz. Hand ...

Avocado Earrings

Mandarin orange cocktai...

Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.