Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keeping Up With Your Computer

Each and everyday we go to our computers and it is supposed to do what we want. I just have some tips on keeping your computer up and running and clean.  We go insane when it isn't working properly.

To do list once a week:

1. Run Disc Cleanup

2. Defrag your computer even if it says you don't need it.

3. Clear Temp files

4. Scan disc


I have XP go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disc Clean Up

Once there you just click ok to run. When it is finished a box will pop up and you click ok again. When it is finished it will close on its own.


Start/All Programs/ Accessories/Systems Tools/Disc Defragmentaion

Click on it. A window will pop up, click on C: and it will analyze, then probably say it doesn't need it BUT do it anyway, when complete just click close. This may take a while if you have never done it ot it has been a while.


Start/Run/ then type in %temp% click ok

A new screen will come up

Edit/Select All/Edit/Delete ( you will not lose anything that is important in here.)

If it sayd cannot delete, then find that file in your list, hold down and don't let go of the Ctrl key, then point to the file that won't delete is should turn white



Do this one before you go to bed at night because it takes hours to complete.

Start/My Computer

Right Click on C:

Select Properties

A box will pop up

Click on Tools

Error Checking - Check Now

Then check both boxes - it will tell you it can't until restart and if you want to do it when you restart, click Yes

When you restart this will start.  Remeber this may take hours to do.  So relax, do it before you go to bed or work.

OK now we all should have healthy computers!

Anyone can try this, just follow and you will see how easy it is.

by Nancy Davis  


headchange said...

Yep a moment here and there saves a lot of headaches. I should stay on top of maintenance better than I do.

artbytrudy said...

FancyNancy...Thank you..when I get organized I will do this..Love your pictures..ha I was ready to take a nap with her..ha

Confections In Glass said...

Great tips! Thank goodness, my hubby is a computer guy, so he keeps our computer totally up to date, etc.