Thursday, April 21, 2011

Team Member Spotlight! Fabric Greetings

We would like to introduce you to Fabric Greetings! Look at this wonderful fabric postcard! I wonder what special person will receive it in their mailbox?

1. Your name, nickname and a little about who you are

Alyce, wife, mother, fabric lover and probably "granny" of this wonderful team

2. Surprise us with something about you that you think will shock us!

Well, you already know I love chicken livers, but here is a fun fact. If I am going on a boat, it had better have a captain, chef, and cabin steward who are not the same person.

3. What is your main craft/art/collectible?

Fabric Postcards

4. How did you start with Etsy?

An offline customer asked me to consider Etsy so she could see what I had for cards more often than at the shows I do in her area.

5. Any secrets to share for success?

My secret for success is to do what you like and be good at it.

6. Hobbies or pastime when you are not doing Etsy.

I still sew and read and I am back to walking. I also try to keep Mr. Fabric happy by accompanying him to the bagel shop several times a week.

7. Where would your dream vacation be?

I am fortunate in that I take my dream vacation every September. We rent a small house in mid-coast Maine. I walk, I watch the ocean, I sew (yes, my sewing machine travels with us), I cook easy meals and I eat a lot of lobster.

8. What do you hope to contribute and gain from Hearts and Hands United?

I am hoping that I am able to help others with problems they are having with tagging, titles, etsy in general. New eyes looking at something see things you have missed. I know this team has been a tremendous help to me.

9. Your shop address

10. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Your strength?

Life is my inspiration. Strength comes from family.

11. Free writing anything you want to say

This team has become a real part of my etsy life. They are there to pick you up, urge you along, offer a laugh, and just generally be a friend. For that I am eternally grateful.

* Update from Alyce since this was originally posted " I had my wonky knee fixed and I am back to walking again. Only getting 3 miles a day in, but that is a start."


Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

Such a nice interview! I like chicken livers too! lol

artbytrudy said...

OMG Lafe and I are both from the midwest and yep..I love chicken livers..yum! Sweet interview Fabric.

Confections In Glass said...

Love your interview, Alyce! Great to know more about you! Your cards are just fabulous!

Opossum Hollow Road said...

Ok-I am shocked by the chicken livers but I'm a vegetarian, so I guess I don't count! I love that Alyce gets straight to the point on every question-very Alyce-like! Great interview. Alyce your witt is wonderful!

Jeanie said...

I like them too! With lots of salt.
Alyce - I love your straightforwardness as well and you are always a huge support to your team.

Aloha Letterpress said...

Great to learn more about Alyce! Wonderful advice for success!

babble on said...

Great Interview. It is so fun to learn a little more about you. I am originally from Kansas and Yep I like chicken livers too.
Great Feature your shop and cards are wonderful :)