Thursday, January 13, 2011

Team Spotlight! Puttin' on the Dog Design!

Today we want to introduce you to Nancy of Puttin' on the Dog Design! She makes all kinds of great items for your pampered pooches. Check out this silky crate mat, made specifically for long haired pups.

1. Your name, nickname and a little about who you are.

Hi, I'm Nancy and my friends call me "knancy" (kay-nancy) or "knancyknep" (kay-nancy kay-nep) - something about the alliterative quality I guess. :) I live almost literally in "Mickey's Backyard" in West Kissimmee, Florida. I've lived in Florida for about 27 years and grew up in Pennsylvania. I love Florida because I need the sunshine and warmth to keep my sunny disposition and I love the beach and the sounds of the ocean.

2. Surprise us with something about you that you think will shock us!

Something that surprises most folks about me is that I was almost born in an airplane that my mother was piloting. My parents lived across from a small municipal airport and they were into flying - they both earned their pilot's licenses and owned a Piper Cub with a few other members of my family. When my mother was about due to deliver me, she decided to go for an afternoon spin and while she was in the air, she started having labor pains! As soon as she landed, she went to the hospital!

3. What is your main craft/art/collectible?

My main craft is making dog clothes and accessories and also custom-embroidered items. I learned to sew in elementary school and made my own clothes in high school and college. It's always exciting to me to take a piece of fabric and trims and create something beautiful or funky! Sometimes I like to use classic lines, but most of the time I like to let my imagination run wild!

4. How did you start with Etsy?

After working for more than 35 years in the non-profit sector I got laid off from my job where I had just observed my 20th anniversary of working there. It was a hard time, but it gave me the opportunity to be at home (I traveled frequently) with my sweet kitty Babe and started enjoying being "semi-retired". Actually, I've realized this was a gift, because I'd been suffering symptoms of fibromyalgia for years and was finally diagnosed about a month ago, after having a terrible flare. I tried some at-home telephone work, but I didn't like it so I decided to start a business combining my love for sewing and my love for dogs. It has been a little slow getting started but in the past few weeks, I am seeing a glimmer of hope with lots more interest in my creations.
I got started with etsy due to a friend who knew about etsy and encouraged me to start with a shop instead of creating my own web site from the ground up. I especially liked the ease of being able to use Paypal and also listing my items without too much difficulty.

5. Any secrets to share for success? or What tool do you use to track your success?

I don't have a lot of secrets for success, because I haven't had much success yet. But I live in hope!

7. Where would your dream vacation be? and why

My dream vacation would be to a tropical island resort where I could look out on the ocean and hear the waves crashing on the shore. I'd enjoy sampling an abundance of native foods, and relax on the beach. I would like to see sites of interest of the area, but I'm not a real touristy person. And, I would want to enjoy it with a best friend or companion.

8. What do you hope to contribute and gain from Hearts and Hands United?

I hope that I contribute support and encouragement (and maybe some sales :) to HHU and hope to receive the same. I want to form some deep friendships here where I can share my celebrations of good things and my disappointments when things are rough. I appreciate so much the efforts of team members to be caring and concerned for each other.

9. Where can we find you?

Etsy -

10. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Your strength?

I draw my inspiration and strength from my deep faith in a loving and compassionate God. Knowing that I am a child of God enables me to be joyful in life's precious moments and be strong in the challenging times. My life has not been easy, especially in the last 6 years, but God has sustained me, guided me, and given me peace in even the worst of my struggles.

11. Free writing anything you want to say.

I am so pleased to be a part of Hearts and Hands United. You all brighten my days and make me laugh!


Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

Nancy what a nice interview!

FabricGreetings said...

Great interview. What a way to come into this world.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you combine the things you love in a creative way. If only everyone did that, we would all live in a much happier place!

Confections In Glass said...

Awesome interview, Nancy! I loved learning more about you and I'm so happy we are part of the same wonderful team! :)

Ritzee Rebel said...

Great interview! Love that puppy in the picture, too! I want to snuggle him/her. :)

marlan said...

What a great interview. And I've a soft heart for the Chinese Crested dogs. So sweet!

headchange said...

Terrific interview KNancy!!
Thanks for giving us a peek into who you are.

Anonymous said...

Awesome to know a little more about you sweetie! I look forward to knowing you more! HUGS