Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesdays Tools Etsy Shop Tools

It is Tuesday again and time for more tools for you to use in your Etsy shop.  Since all of us are going through the Google changes let's stay with help for that.  There are so many sites out there to help us.  We will share some links today also.

What do we all want?  Sales of course BUT in order to have sales we need TRAFFIC in order to get TRAFFIC we need to have our Etsy Shops ready.  We want all shoppers to flock to our Etsy Shop.
Here is a terrfic blog by Timothy Adams, he has loads and loads of Etsy help.  Look at the "3 fixes for low traffic."   Remember to grab some coffee first then enjoy and discover.

Next is a tool to help you with your tagging.  It can be a most grueling task to get the right keywords.  This link will help you and it is am amazing tool.  It is called "HMC Keyword Tool."

If your computer is still in tack and you have done some changes to your titles, tags and all of your keywords now see your results.
"Statsy" has been around but the wonderful locator feature is awesome. 
It is pretty simple to use and saves you time searching through all of the pages to find where your item is ranked.  Enter your username and then click on the LOCATOR tab at the top and see how your work has paid off.

Until next week, work hard and play hard.  Always remember it is crucial for you to take some "me" time also.
Happy Etsying!


MooreMagnets said...

What a great post Lafa's! Thanks for the information!

Ritzee Rebel said...

Love Statsy, so addicting, I need to stop checking my stats constantly!

Confections In Glass said...

Thanks for the great tips!