Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday's Tools

Lately we have all been in a flurry to get our shops ready for the Big Changeover. Where do I start?
Let’s cover “descriptions, titles and tagging.”

It is a continuous circle round and round we go. Tagging makes us seen, Titles make us seen, descriptions make us seen.

You have something to list and you are so excited. First off a Title. I know we all like catchy phrases but is Jane Doe going to search for “Cute Spring OOAK Orchid Plush Bunny?” Probably not, at least not in that much detail. What your item is should be at the forefront. Let’s use April’s title from Moore Magnets.

Fabric covered magnet board 16 inch x 16 inch covered in Alexander Henry's Kleo Fabric

It says it all in the Title, what it is, how big it is and what she used to make it. No questions to the searcher as to what she is selling. Nothing fancy just feature your product. It’s that simple.

Now her description:

Here is her first line:

Wall-mounted magnet board including 6 coordinating magnets.

It is definitely clear that she is selling Magnet Boards and here she sheds a little more detail in the first line. A searcher can look at the Title and first line and know what they are looking at. No confusion.

The rest of the description is precise and to the point all about the product, Magnet Board. She also puts in the description why someone would want to buy her product compared to others. She is selling her product, Magnet Boards.

These boards are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, offices, craft rooms, and anywhere else you need to keep up with messages, notes, phone numbers, appointments, etc. Unlike magnetic boards you can purchase at an office supply store, my boards offer many different color and/or fabric choices to suit your taste.

Add some of my magnetic tins and make it a jewelry holder, spice rack, bead organizer, or something else handy!

This board measures approximately 16 inches by 16 inches and has 2 picture hangers attached to the back for mounting. The picture hangers are the triangle style so nails or screws will be needed for hanging. Please note that no nails or screws will be included with your purchase. The entire surface of the board has sheet of metal and holds magnets just like your refrigerator!

**Not intended for ages 12 and Under**

Google Adwords is very helpful for Titles and Descriptions for example the word antique gets more hits than vintage, try it out here. https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal  

Now for the dreaded tagging. Always, always, always use all 14 spots. Your first decision is what category you should select. Now the work begins. Once that has been decided, next should be your product. Let’s say you are listing a teddy bear, the first spot should be teddy bear, (colors used), (what kind) and so forth. Mention colors, textures, style. Here is a wonderful Etsy post from the Storque that is so helpful with tagging and descriptions. http://www.etsy.com/storque/how-to/seller-how-to-tag-o-rama-with-descriptive-keywords-5474/  

Well are you ready to get started? I know lots of work lies ahead but end results will be worth it. Remember these three things we have control over.

Happy sales to you!


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