Thursday, May 19, 2011

Team Spotlight! Maison de Terre!

Today we would like to introduce you to Betty of MaisondeTerre. Betty is one of our resident Mom's and we love her for that (Keeping us all in line)! I just love all of her hats! Check this one out!

1. Your name, nickname and a little about who you are.

Hi, my name is Betty Wallace. Here’s one of the listings in my shop. It’s hard to choose a favorite. My favorite always seems to be the last thing I’ve made.

I’m a Mom, Grandma, Gardener, and Maker of Beautiful Things. As with most of the fantastic artists on Etsy, I have loved making beautiful things with many different techniques and materials all my life. I love sewing, knitting, crochet, floral design, working with polymer clay, and even building furniture.

2. Surprise us with something about you that you think will shock

My home is a “Rammed Earth” house. It’s an ancient building method which was actually used to build parts of The Great Wall of China. You can see pictures of it in one of my photo albums on my Facebook page. Check out “rammed earth construction” on the internet for more information.

3. What is your main craft/art/collectible?

I owned a florist for many years which is extremely hard work! I’ve chosen a much easier art form for my online business. I have filled my Etsy shop with crochet and knit items. I love exploring and creating new designs and patterns. And it is so much fun to see how the same design will have an entirely different look and feel when I create it in a different texture or medium.

4. How did you start with Etsy?

I started with Etsy as a buyer. I loved the huge array of gorgeous items that were available from so many talented artists. When I listed my first few items, I thought no one would even notice them. Then when I started getting views, then hearts and even sales, I was hooked. I love checking my stats and finding that people from other countries are viewing and buying my designs. I’ve also made many new friends through this wonderful marketing method.

5. Any secrets to share for success?

Secrets to success? As with any business, it’s hard work, quality product and excellent customer service. The biggest difference with an online shop and a brick and mortar shop is the absolute must of having high quality pictures. This has been and still is my biggest struggle.

6. Hobbies or pastime when you are not doing Etsy.

My hobbies and pastimes are gardening and playing with grandchildren. I volunteer at our Wildflower Center and I’m taking classes with my new puppy. I hoping we will eventually be certified to visit hospitals and assisted living centers.

7. Where would your dream vacation be?

My dream vacation is being anywhere with family and friends. What could be more fun?

8. What do you hope to contribute and gain from Hearts and Hands

The Hearts and Hands United Team is a wonderful supportive community of friends and artists. We are there for each other with business and personal advice. We laugh at each other, cry together and try to boss each other around. Ok, only a couple of us are bossy. And, as with my kids and grandkids, they don’t pay much attention to my directives.

9. Where can we find you?

10. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Most of my inspiration comes from nature. But my kids and grandkids keep me updated on current fashion trends. I love to make beautiful items but I’m also all about comfort. If it’s too hot, too tight or too itchy, I can’t imagine anyone enjoying owning it!


Terrills Tiles said...

Wonderful feature! I love learning about everyone! Great talent :D

Confections In Glass said...

Great feature! Now I'm all curious about the "Rammed Earth" house. Awesome!! :)

JeanieBean Handknits said...

I'm intrigued as well!
Thanks for sharing Betty!

FabricGreetings said...

Great to get to know one of the other "elders" on this team.

nancy said...

Great to learn more about you. I am very interested in your "rammed earth" house also. You have many talents - I love your hats!!

Jewels by Trish- Handmade Jewelry- Artisan: Trish said...

Well done!! I didn't know about your house or the floral shop! Very cool!! =)