Friday, July 23, 2010

Team Project No. 2 - Life's a Beach! Pt. 2

Prepare yourselves for a beach-o-rama this Friday from the Hearts And Hands United team! Today we have no less than eight different sellers who's all completed the Life is a Beach Team Project.

First of all: a warm and soft painting of giggle from Art By Trudy. Summer's here!

We have plenty of beach inspired jewelry on the team and at least one of these items will most definitely correspond well with a well tanned summer body.

From Jewels By Trish comes this handmade elegant pink pearl necklace with a starfish pendant attached to it.

Jewelry By Jakemi is the artist behind this handmade necklace with several small charms made out of a briolette, a ceramic bead and a tiny seahorse.

Perhaps a small treasure chest for your jewelry is needed by now?
From Anika's Art comes this sea inspired trinket box, decorated with sea shells and star fish.

Last but not least: send some summer post cards and spread the sunshine from wherever you are.

Do you miss some company while on the beach? Send them a card and tell them to come!
From PotomacRiverCreation comes this postcard with an actual photo of the empty but beautiful beach, Cape Hatteras in North Carolina of the US. The letters written in the sand? "Wish you were here".

Maybe you want to show someone how to make the most out of the beach? Do it with this sweet quilted fabric postcard from FabricGreetings.

Please drop by next Friday for another six items on the Life is a Beach team project of the Hearts and Hands United.


Earjeans said...

Wow! These "Life's a Beach" items are fabulous!

jeanie said...

Really beautiful!

FabricGreetings said...

Great job.

Maison de Terre said...

Fantastic. Way to go Team!

Confections In Glass said...

Way to go, Team HHU! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a great selection of items from the team!!

MooreMagnets said...

Love all of these items! So much talent here!