Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Are Your Pictures?

I think all of us struggle with taking the best pictures possible. There is no doubt the learning curve goes on and on and on. So let’s give this process a little thought. After all the picture really does have to sell your product.

I am going to approach this problem from the aspect of advertising. One of the greatest forms of advertising on etsy is being included in a treasury. People who might never enter your shop check out the treasuries. The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very true.

When curators are selecting items for a treasury, they are looking for a cohesive look. That means all backgrounds should blend together well. So your best bet is to go for a neutral background. It is amazing how many sellers use a very busy background or an odd color for the background. Maybe the solution to this problem is to have your main picture be one with the neutral background. Then your other thumbnail pics can get creative.

Does that mean the background has to be plain white? Not at all. You can still use a prop or a texture. I have seen some wonderful pics taken on a piece of wood, a rock, a tea cup or even a branch. But the background remains neutral.

The other big problem is the darkness of your photos. Your photo needs to pop. And that is done with a photo editing program. There are several very good free programs on the web. One of them is Picasa and the other is Picnik.

Your camera does not need to be an expensive one. There was a very good forum post by Bomobob -a photographer on etsy. His advice is very helpful and you can learn some great tricks. This is the link:

He also wrote a very interesting post about making your pictures pop. I think if you follow his advice, you will be surprised with the results. That link is:

Good luck and don’t be surprised if you find yourself included in more treasuries because of these changes.
Article by Alyce of Fabric Greetings