Friday, August 20, 2010

Team Project No 3: BBQ, pt. 3

It's Friday again and time has come to present  the two final items in the BBQ Team Project from members of the HHU.
Today's contributors are Nancy's Bags Etc and Ritzee Rebel.

A summery tote bag from Nancy's Bags Etc. Lots of space to carry a change of clothes so that you can go directly to that BBQ party, from a day at the beach.

At a BBQ you might eat hamburgers, right?
Ritzee Rebel has made this felted pin in the form of a cheeseburger.
You can wear it either on your jacket or as an adornment on a bag for example.

Next Friday, we'll introduce a new theme from the team. Let's say that summer is almost over and with it comes new obligations.
Welcome back.


MooreMagnets said...

BBQ's are such a great summer tradition! But they are also fabulous anytime of the year!

Ritzee Rebel said...

How fun, glad I'm in California, we BBQ nearly all year!