Friday, September 3, 2010

Team Project No 4: Back to School, part 2

The directions of the Back to School team project was for the members of HHU to design something for their favorite teacher, student or bus driver.
Last week's entries focused on kids and teachers coming and going back to school.
This week's entries might be more suitable for older school kids, students and teachers. Going back to the studies when autumn is around the corner often include early, chilly mornings.

On those chilly mornings while waiting for the bus or metro to take you to class I recommend this slouchy beret hat, hand knit in blue by JeanieBeanHandKnits.

Or are you looking for something with just a little more colors in it?
Maybe this handknit hat in four different colors and a rich variation of different textures by MaisondeTerre will do the trick?

The laptop of any teacher or student sure needs a face lift as the semester starts.
Here's a laptop case for the student/teacher who brings their favorite tool to  class or work every day.
Made by OpossumHollowRoad.

Next Friday we'll present the final entries of this team project.

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