Friday, October 1, 2010

October Challenge

Our fabulous project team is thrilled to announce an absolutely awesome November challenge to get everyone in the mood for the holidays and promoting and selling..This is the month to prepare for the holidays...I mean let's get ready to show the world what the HHU team and friends of the HHU Team has to offer! Yay..

So we are putting the Dazzle in the Holiday by offering this fantastic challenge..Presenting...drum roll please..

HOLIDAZZLE........Woo Hoo...

After reading last years Merchandising report, meeting with my fabulous team and googling latest winter jewelry with fashions...These are the winter gem tones that we are featuring..

Red : Ruby/Garnet

Green: Emerald

Blue: Saphire

Citrine (birthstone)


Gold and Silver (metallic gem tones) absolutely..more than ever this year! It's all about glam!

****Enclosed please refer to the gem chart enclosed for reference*****

@@@@Paper Goods!@@@@

Because of texting, emailing, cell phones, computers it is more than necessary NOW to send pieces by mail.

Holiday Cards and sets ,Thank you cards, Stationery ..and paper products are really hot now. Not only on Etsy, but worldwide. For everyday contact people do the aforementioned, but for special days and Holidays Paper products remains the "Special and thoughtful" way to go....

These Paper goodies for this challenge is to incorporate our Holidazzle theme including Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukhah, Kwanza

So the challenge is to chose

** 2-3 of the gemstone colors (silver and gold counted as metalic gem tones)


** Create a paper product with the above Holidazzle theme..

Kick butt everyone..If you have any questions please post them here. GOOD LUCK!!!! We continue to be excited and Let us have the best Holiday Season ever for the HHU team..

Again thanks to April for her leadership...Alyce, Lynn, Laura and Trudy

*** Reminder this challenge is due October 31st and you can make as many as you want, however only one will be presented in our blog.

Thank you,



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