Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Challenge


Challenge is due by February 28th - please post a link to your challenge item below as a comment!

Think Spring..Spring flowers..indoor, outdoor, early spring/summer gardens, garden markers, garden labels, watering can, gardening aprons, gloves , seeds and tools.

Spring showers, umbrellas, rain clouds, boots, rain drop shapes. etc...these are ideas..Just think of the title of the challenge..

Be creative..We have an array of colors to choose from..from the Yellow of Daffodil, the reds of tulips, purple of Iris.. blues..use your imagination

Here is a list of spring flowers if you need them..If you don't recognize a flower..google is your friend......ha


From your loving sisters..Alyce, Laura, Lynn and Trudy.. Good Luck..

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babble on said...

Here is my springtime item.