Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sometimes I wish I could keep my brained tuned to only one channel, so to speak. The channel I would choose is "Now". However annoying it is to be in the presence of someone who constantly changes channels on the television, it is not as distracting as one's own brain switching to different moments in time. Thoughts jump from what you need to do later, or next week, to grievances from the past, or events planned far into the future. Staying in the now is a difficult thing to accomplish, yet ultimately one of the most rewarding aspects of life.

Living in the now can help people become great athletes, writers, artists, surgeons, and master many other professions. A baseball player whose mind is in the now is more likely to hit the ball pitched at him than if he is thinking about what he will have for dinner later. A surgeon existing in the now is less likely to make a mistake than if he is reminiscing about his recent Hawaiian vacation. Living in the now keeps one focused and facilitates good work.

Animals, of course, exist in the now. They possess an innate sense of time, such as when to be walked or fed. Animals do not think about the past or project into the future. (And seem to be much happier than most humans). Children mostly live in the now. One can see it by how engrossed a child becomes when playing, losing all sense of time. As children, we are eased out of the now when we start school, and have schedules imposed upon us. The older we become, the more pressure there is to plan and live for the future. After awhile, it feels as if we are on a train that never arrives at its destination. We are so busy straining our eyes to see the distant point we are trying to get to that the scenery along the way cannot be enjoyed.

In the creative process, being in the now is a high like no other. To be totally engrossed in one's work and lose track of time is to what artists aspire. It is in the now that work ceases to be work, and creativity flows as if from some never-ending source. Unfortunately, this state doesn't last. Appointments must be kept, deadlines reached, and bills paid. Even so, once you have existed in the "Now", you will strive to return. For, the "Now", is the only time you truly feel alive.


2justByou said...

LOVE this post! Living in the NOW can be so hard to do sometimes. This post reminds me that we all have to at least try, because even if for just a moment - a teeny, tiny moment - one little NOW can make all the difference.

FabricGreetings said...

So many people forget that you can only live in the NOW once. There will be other nows, but THIS now moment will never be again. As always, I have enjoyed your post.
And NOW I need to do the ironing.

Unknown said...

You just reminded me that I need to STOP! It is a beautiful day and I need to enjoy it ... right now! Thank you for that!!

sewsouk said...

In a sense I agree with you but you can only make sense of the now by relating back to the past and perhaps forseeing something in the future. Yes seize the moment but you only know what moment to seize from the experience you have gained in the past and perhaps imaginatively wondering about the future. I would hate to be a "wish I had done this or that" person and feel regret.

The surgeaon also does a better job if he thinks about the past and the practice session when he was a trainee surgeon or when he watched a more senior collegue perform the surgical technique so he shouldn't just work in the present.

One thing that really niggles me is people who are always filming the moment-some event or family day,child performing or whatever . They are so taken up in that process that they don't just sit back and enjoy the moment. What's the point at looking at the pictures or video when they didn't enjoy it real time?

Hey, sorry for the rather long comment but you made me think!!!

Unknown said...

Nicely said! I sometimes wish I could turn off past thoughts. They are in the past, move on & enjoy! :)