Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick And Easy Ways To Decorate For Christmas or New Year's

Looking for some quick and easy ways to decorate for Christmas and New Year’s Eve events without breaking the bank? Check out these ideas provided by Robin of RobinsFlight on Etsy, to add a festive look to your table with what you may already have around the house!

Make a bold, bright centerpiece by placing round Christmas tree ornaments in a large glass bowl or vase. Or place smaller gold and silver balls in champagne flutes and small bowls. Don’t have enough ornaments to fill the bowls? Add some tinsel to the bottom to fill it up. If all your ornaments are on the tree, try pine cones instead for a homey look.

Wrap ribbon in a spiral around wide mouthed glasses, secure with double sided tape and trim even at the top and bottom to use as votive candle holders. Use the same ribbon tied in a bow as a simple napkin ring for your place settings. Add a pine cone or Christmas ball ornament to finish off the look. Or cinch the ribbon a bit tighter and tie at the back of matching napkins, placing the napkin sideways on the plate to look like a bow tie.

Use those Christmas lights that didn’t make it onto the tree to add a festive atmosphere to your room. Run along a mantle or drape along the serving table, even string around an existing chandelier or light fixture. Or use bead garlands instead!

If you’re feeling crafty, cut small paper snowflakes from tissue paper and hang with thread or fishing line from the ceiling or light fixtures for a wintery feel. Drape tables in thin white tablecloths or white bedsheets with white Christmas lights underneath to shine through and scatter some tissue snowflakes on the tables too.

Spruce up that table using festive wrapping paper as a table runner. Choose a plain metallic or a fun print, depending on your style.

Go simple and edible, and decorate with fruit! Place beautiful picks of apples, oranges and pears in large bowls, or piled on platters for a pretty, inviting table.

No one will miss the stroke of midnight when you group clocks at the center of attention. Arrange analog alarm clocks, mantle clocks, whatever clocks you can find, on a side table. Make sure they’re all set to the same time- or to different hours, if you want to count down the new year in different locations. ------------


FabricGreetings said...

great easy ideas. thanks

Unknown said...

I love glass ornaments in a vase or other glass container! So festive! :)