Friday, February 24, 2012



By Sewsouk


a small fastener securing two pieces of cloth. The button goes either through a cloth or thread loop or through a button hole in the fabric

Usually now made of plastic but also of metal, shell, fabric, yarn, wood and pottery.

There are three main types of attachment

shank- an attachment to the button which has a hole through which the thread is passed so it can be sewn onto the garment or object

sew through 2 or 4 holes in the button.

stud buttons which are usually metal pressed through the fabric and used particularly on jeans and denim jackets

Buttons can be a work of art and can be highly decorative.

Historically early buttons were used as ornaments or seals rather than as fasteners. Earliest examples are about 5000 years old and made of shell . Buttons from 2600BC have been found in China and ancient Rome.

Artisans make buttons and also they are factory manufactured.

owadays there are many forms of buttons:-

metal, embroidered, passementarie, lacquered,enamelled,woven, painted, ceramic, jewelry making, printed, fabric covered, knotted and crocheted.

Buttons are usually used on clothing but also on bags and containers.

Artisans not only make buttons they use them in interesting ways.

HHU Team Button Lovers

HHU team love using and making buttons in so many interesting and different ways. Here are just a few


Fabric uses buttons to add colour, 3 dimensions, texture . She uses buttons in interesting shapes on her beautiful fabric greetings cards and ACEOS. She even incorporates them into the subject of the picture to wonderful effect.

Jeanie Bean Handknits uses buttons on her hats, cowls,phone and ipad cases. I love the way she chooses the shapes, colours, patterns and materials of her buttons to offset the texture and colours of her chunky knits to perfection.

Sewsouk that's me!

I make knotted and crochet fibre buttons to traditional Moroccan designs and also soutache buttons. These can be used in textile jewelry but a few look wonderful on plain fabric as an unusual fastener. I use mother of pearl and shell buttons in textile jewelry to add texture and subtle sparkle.

Womanwithtools incorporates beautiful vintage buttons into her jewelry pieces- She cleverly manages to make her pieces so they don't look like a button appendage but an integral part of the jewelryLink

Nouveaux Retro . She is so knowledgeable about vintage buttons. She is a collector and sells amazing collections of vintage buttons in her vintage shop. Crafty corner are hoping she will write a feature for us soon about vintage buttons.

NancyEllenStudios uses interesting buttons on many of her fabric designs. I love the way she uses buttons on these cushion covers

Headchange makes beautiful wooden buttons. I love the grains on her larger buttons. These have so many uses and are a wonderful must have supply.

KarinSF. Karin uses buttons to perfection in such a subtle way highlighting the quality pieces she makes. I love her fabric covered buttons on this top ... and the buttons on this cowl.


RobinsFlight said...

Wow, so many gorgeous buttons and creative ways to use them! Such a talented group!

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Great feature on how buttons are used in so many wonderful ways to create lovely work!