Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in July?


Christmas in July may sound odd but it is a great time to find some fantastic bargains and offers.

Some members of  HHU team and Friends of HHU team are taking part in etsy's unoffical summer sale
 " Christmas in July" or CIJ for short which this year starts on 12th July 2012

Some shops may be offering Christmas themed products at discount price, some a straight discount on everything or selected items and some are giving free or promotional gifts but what you can be sure of is there will be some fantastic bargains, offers and a great opportunity to buy some extra things to put away as gifts for later or to treat yourself and save money!

Why not take a look at some of the shops taking part?.Just click on the heading links to enter the participating shops to brouse around.

Fabric sells beautiful quilted greetings cards and ACEOs ( artists' trading cards). She will have Christmas themed cards at reduced prices.


There is everything here that a well dressed doll could possibly wish for and some fun dolls'accessories too. A free pair of doll's boxer shorts will be given with evey purchase.


Jeanie sells beautiful handknits, felted bags, handknit flowers, gadget cases and accessories.

Jeanie has 3 sections of her shop where items are on sale at 15% off

Berets,hats and ear warmers
Cowls, scarves and neckware
Mittens and handwarmers


Anika has beautiful artwork  in her shop.

The sale has already started here! 50% off all ACEOs and art cards with coupon code ACEOSALE


Trish makes wonderful handmade beaded jewelry.

The sale has already started here too!15% off on everything until the end of the month. Prices already reduced no need for a coupon code.


Moroccan braids, trims,embellishments, tassels and textile jewelry, Many braids and trims already at reduced prices some by 33%! Reductions on red and green themed products too for the CIJ sale.


Judy has her entire store of candle holders,centre pieces and desert pedestals reduced by 15% for the CIJ sale.

Carries Curiosities, LLC

Carrie has some wonderful hand poured natural wax candles with beautiful scents and some special Christmas creations. Everything in her store is reduced by 25%.


Jeanie said...

I'm looking forward to shopping this season!

FabricGreetings said...

Looking forward to much fun during this sale. Good luck to everyone taking part.