Saturday, January 12, 2013

We are starting a new series of blog posts by our team members, focusing on some topic that interests them.

A New Adventure

by FabricGreetings

In 2004 I was reading an article in Quilting Arts Magazine about Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). It was a fairly new thing that the editor of the magazine was encouraging readers to try. These cards had to be the size of regular sports trading cards. She promised that if you sent one in to the magazine, you would get one from her in return. I wonder if she had any idea of what she was asking for. So I tried my very first ATC. It was a photo transfer picture of a doll (the result of a class I took from epbailey and another story in itself) appliqued to some fabric and a few embellishments. In October of that year, I was attending the international Quilt Market in Houston and saw my card on display - with the hundreds of others she got – in the Quilting Arts Booth. What a thrill that was! Sort of like being published.

Since then I have made ATCs for fun – never for trading. After joining etsy in 2009, I discovered that they are actually (now) called ACEOs.....Art Cards Editions Originals. I am not sure why the name change. I also found out that there are ACEO teams and many collectors right here on etsy. So I have continued to make these ACEOs and offer them for sale in my Fabric Greetings shop on etsy.

Recently on the Acetsy team there was an announcement about an ACEO swap. I decided to give it a try and see what happened. In my mind I would be paired up with another etsy seller and be able to check out his/her medium. Imagine my surprise when I was paired with a gentleman (I have no idea of his age nor does it matter) from Texas who is not a member of etsy. His only web presence is a blog he recently started. So I have seen his work. He is a portrait artist. We have agreed on a theme of “Winter” since our swap has to be completed by February 15th. I am anxious to see what I receive. It will be like Christmas all over again. I will try and post a picture of what I send to him. I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to do. And when I receive my swap, I will add that to the mix.

What new adventure are you trying for 2013?


Jeanie said...

Sounds like an interesting group. What fun to receive art cards from all over the world!

FabricGreeetings said...

Just had someone from the acesty team tell me that ATC's are for trading only. ACEOs are for selling. I am so glad to know what the difference is.

Sewsouk said...

Great to learn from and swap with other artists. It has been quite a card journey for you and I'm sure you have lots more to discover too. Thanks for giving us such an interesting insight. I am looking forward to seeing what you create for the swap with the gentleman in Texas!

Nancy said...

The swap sounds like a lot of fun.
Your postcards are very unique. Can't wait to see what you receive from Texas.

Aloha Letterpress said...

ACEO swap sounds like a great way to meet new people who like to create!

BloomEyeLOVE said...

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