Monday, August 5, 2013

Advertising – even about something else – Works

by FabricGreetings

The small town we live in is bordered by the Rte 40 corridor. That is a four lane road which is peppered with strip malls, fast food places and liquor stores. It essentially is the place to shop. And since our county seems to have lower liquor prices than neighboring Delaware, those stores get a lot of traffic.

About 18 months ago, some construction began on a culvert along the side of one liquor store. Traffic was shifted and jersey barriers were installed to protect he workers. Unfortunately these barriers also blocked a good portion of the entrance to the liquor store. So people just sailed on by to the next one down the road.

I would imagine that the construction took a toll on said business. Big OPEN signs were on the marquee and flags flew. The thing was that there was NEVER any work being done. The equipment was there and those dang jersey barriers.

Early this year, the marquee had a different message. I really wish I had thought to photograph this. But the camera was never with me and I have no idea how to use the camera on the old cell phone I have – if it even has a camera. So I am driving down the road and the marquee has this on it.

Invisible Men Working!

I must say, it sure caught a lot of people's attention. You could see people in their cars smiling. But still no work being done. Fast forward a few weeks and another sign appeared.

Looking for Good Home
Abandoned Equipment
Barely Used

Now this is beginning to make driving that stretch of road a pleasure. Wonder what will come next? How about....

Lowest Bid Is Not
Always the Answer

This is getting funnier each time I drive by. Then I noticed that there was a bit of activity on the sideline. Guess the marquee is prodding someone to get working. Wrong – a day or two and no activity. New sign.

By the Time This Job Is Done
We Will All Be Pushing Up Daisies

Oh look, a little more activity. Is there hope? Evidently the liquor store had its doubts.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Is a Train

Have been away for a bit of time and haven't traveled Rte 40 until today. Wow! No jersey barriers, no lane shift, no construction equipment. And the marquee today reads....

Fairy Tales Can Come True
It Can Happen to You.

Never in all these weeks has the liquor store said anything about sales, specials or anything else. But I am sure this advertising has reached every person who has traveled this road. I don't buy much liquor, but if I ever need to, you know where I will head.

You can see the signs on the store's facebook page:


sewsouk said...

Humour is a great form of advertising!

Lynn said...

Very clever. Made me smile!

April MooreMagnets said...

Hahaha! Fantastic!