Monday, November 11, 2013

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

One of the things I always wanted when I was a child was a piano. I so wanted to learn to play the piano. One year I asked everyone to please contribute to my piano fund – I was maybe 10 years old. Unfortunately, not many in my family had the extra dollars to do that. So that goal was never realized.

When I was in college studying for my teaching degree, one of the courses I had to take was elementary piano. Every elementsry school teacher back then had to be able to pluck out a tune. So I learned the very basics and practiced on a piano in the music lab at school.

In the early 90's a dear friend was facing a nursing home and breaking up her home. She asked that I take anything she had and I would like to have. There in her living room sat the piano I had admired for the last 15 years of our friendship. Could it be that finally 50 years later I might really have a piano? I said I would love to have the piano and it became mine. Finally........a life long goal had been reached!

But just as there is a bright side to things, there is also a dull side. Soon after this wonderful piano took up residence in our home, my hands became so crippled with arthritis that playing was out of the question. For 20 years I have looked at that piano every night on my way to bed and thought about my friend. When I came downstairs in the morning and hundreds of times in between that piano was a reminder of my generous friend.

It seemed happy in its corner, but no one was really enjoying it. So on Tuesday, my long desired piano went to a new home. Our church was in need of a piano. They have someone who can “tickle the ivories” and make it sing again. (The keys are genuine ivory.) I am so happy it will have a new home, happy that people will be able to enjoy its wonderful sound. I am happy that this piano my friend loved and so generously gifted me  is going someplace that will make her happy as well.  We met in church and now, in a way, we will continue to meet there. And I am happy that one more large item is gone from our home. (Downsizing is not easy.)

When I told my sister what I had done, she made a comment that I think is kind of funny. “Leave it to you to find a home for it where you can keep your eye on it!”


Sewsouk said...

Hope you enjoy hearing the piano played where you can keep an eye on it! My Grandma had a piano which I always wanted to play but for some reason I was considered too young- by time I was old enough she had sold it!

Lynn said...

A very touching story. Sounds like you found the perfect place for the piano.