Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan

Today's post is a by one of our Friends team members, JewelsbyTrish.  It's a repost from her own blog, but she's generously shared it with us.

I have devised a great way to clean a ceiling fan WITHOUT all the dusty mess! You see I am highly allergic to dust. So you think I would clean the fans often, but alas I fall into the trap we all fall into...can't see it up there so pretend it isn't there! Right!? ;-) Then when I finally do clean them, there is dust falling everywhere & I am sneezing up a storm. No more folks! Here we go:

• ceiling fan (hehe...I couldn't resist)
• old pillow case
• umbrella
• bandana (optional)

1. Put hair in ponytail & wrap head with bandana. This keeps any stray dust from landing in your hair & causing an allergy attack later. (optional)

2. Open umbrella underneath your fan. This will catch any falling dust! Now your bed won't have dust bunnies for you to clean nor will there be any to vacuum off the carpet! Simply take the umbrella outside & shake.

3. Take your old pillow case & slip it over the fan blade. Grip it tightly so no dust falls & pull to end of fan blade. Dust will be trapped inside the pillow case & none should be falling or billowing out into the room.

4. Clean 1 fan at a time being sure to take pillow case outside after to shake dust from pillow case before proceeding to the next fan.

5. If your fans are not extremely dusty, skip step 4. Clean all fans in your house, then shake out the dust when job is complete.

6. Shake out umbrella of dust. (You should not have much, if any, due to the pillow case catching it all.)

7. Wash pillow case with your load of cleaning rags for the week & save for next time!

I hope you found this how-to helpful!!!


Anonymous said...

I have a few to clean. Thanks for the tips! The umbrella is a great idea!

Unknown said...

Hope you enjoy! Sure has made my life easier! :)

FabricGreetings said...

I'm stuck at #1. Can't get my hair in a pony tail.