Thursday, March 31, 2011

Team Spotlight! OpossumHollowRoad!

This month we are proud to spotlight OpossumHollowRoad. Are you looking for a stylish, one of a kind case for your electronic gadget(like the one below)? Do you need a pretty pillow for your couch? These are just some of the items you can find in this eclectic shop.

1. Tell us your name, nickname and a little about who you are.

My name is Kim New. I work full time, have 4 children, a wonderful husband, and a menagerie of pets.

2. Surprise us with something about you that you think will shock us!

Hmmm…nothing really shocking, but there may be some things folks might not know about me. I play the fiddle, I am a vegetarian, I am learning Contra dancing. I have lived in Kansas, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, New York and now Tennessee! I used to be a competitive swimmer and went to college on a swimming scholarship. Oh, I know what might shock a few people! I adore opera!! I know, I know-you either love it or hate it!

3. What is your main craft?

I enjoy sewing anything, except for piping (owing to a recent unfortunate incident that I won’t discuss here!). I love making custom designs for people. I’m into upcycling or repurposing things because it allows me to combine my love of thrift shops and antiques stores with my love of sewing.

4. How did you start with Etsy?

I saw a reference to Etsy in a magazine. I had never heard of anything like it and was instantly excited and motivated to be a part of it. I joined immediately but didn’t actually start listing items until late June.

5. Any secrets to share for success?

I consider myself a newbie and am still learning the ropes!

6. What are your hobbies or pastime when you are not doing Etsy?

I love to knit, peruse thrift and antique stores, see movies, play the fiddle, go for long walks with my husband, listen to music, learn other languages, and travel internationally (which I don’t get to do very often).

7. Where would your dream vacation be? and why?

I love Italy and a dream vacation would be several weeks in a villa in Tuscany. I love Italian culture (and food!) and especially like the family oriented, laid back slower pace I have seen in many parts of Tuscany. I crave a slower pace where I can appreciate every moment.

8. What do you hope to contribute to and gain from Hearts and Hands United?

I hope to be an active member in all activities the group undertakes. I hope to give and gain friendship and support. This is such a warm group of friends who are truly there for each other. The title of the friendship thread is so perfectly descriptive of what HHU offers and I believe that’s why so many people are drawn there.

9. Where can we find you?

10. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Your strength?

I draw inspiration in life from nature (Tennessee is so beautiful!) and from those around me-family, friends, colleagues. You truly can’t judge a book by its cover and I am so often touched by the life experiences of others.

My husband is my biggest fan and supporter. He truly would give me the moon if he could. But enough of the mushy stuff!!

11. Anything else you want to add?

I am honored to be a part of such a talented, knowledgeable, and caring team of artists.

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Aloha Letterpress said...

Aloha, Kim!
Great to learn more about you and your work! Yes, HHU is indeed a wonderful and caring group.