Monday, April 11, 2011

Mission Treasury! Create a Knight in Shining Armor treasury!

Mission Treasury is all about getting you, our readers, in on the treasury making fun! We also hope that you will find a shop or two to introduce us to that is fun and exciting!

So, we will be posting a theme and 4 shops each Monday - and challenging you to create a treasury that fits the theme and contains at least one item from one of the 4 featured shops.

You will have one week to create your treasury, and come back to the blog post and leave your treasury as a comment.

The best treasury will be featured, and all treasuries submitted will be mentioned!

The results of this weeks Mission Treasury will be posted on April 20th 2011!

Mission: Create a Knight in Shining Armor treasury!

Shops to choose from (you must include at least one item from one of these shops)

Thanks to Sewsouk and FabricGreetings for coming up with these great themes!


FabricGreetings said...

Got this one done early

Blue said...

This was such a fun one!

Aloha Letterpress said...

My Knight and Camelot

Hope you enjoy it!

Ritzee Rebel said...

My entry for the week :)

RobinsFlight said...

Here's mine!

S said...

Had fun with this one