Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sometimes I think about all the moments of childhood wished away in anticipation of future events. Moments such as waiting for the final school-bell of the day, eyes fixed in an unblinking stare at the clock on the wall, body tensed and poised to rush through the door. The annoying line of clock ticks between weekends, summer vacation, and Holidays. The even longer and more unbearable amount of time until turning thirteen, sixteen, eighteen, or twenty-one. Too bad those wasted moments couldn't have been stored up, to be cashed in when needed. I could use some of those extra moments now.

One important bit of information children are not told is that time speeds up as you age. The older you become, the faster it goes. It's a scientific fact. I'm no expert on the subject, but the formula is something like: X years old times the speed of light divided by the gravitational pull of the Earth equals the acceleration of time. After learning this, I finally understood why my Grandmother always said; "It'll soon be Christmas", on the 4th of July. One way to tell if older people live in a house is if their Christmas lights are left up all year around. Why bother taking them down when the Holidays are just around the corner?

I have a "things to do when I find a few extra minutes" list. These are the non-essential tasks, the chores that won't cause mayhem, starvation, eviction or incarceration if they are not done. Tasks like organizing the kitchen drawer that always gets stuck because there's so much stuff crammed in there. Arranging to give to charity the clothes and shoes in bags that have been sitting for months on the floor. Or putting the growing stack of photos into an album.

I am sure there are people working on creating a time machine. When that is accomplished, it should be easy to find a way to go back in time, bottle up the wasted moments, and bring them to the present.

Sorry I didn't put up any pictures this week. It is on my "things to do when I find a few extra minutes" list. That'll be any day now.


FabricGreetings said...

When you find those few extra moments, would you let me know where they are hiding.

Ritzee Rebel said...

Oh I completely agree! Summer vacations used to drag on, now the months just fly by. How I wish to now be as bored as I was then!

RobinsFlight said...

Glad I found the time to read this!

MooreMagnets said...

Ah ... I could use a few extra moments!