Monday, February 13, 2012

CRAFTY CORNER- Crafty Facts and Quilting Survey

Crafty Facts

Did you know?………………………..

By Sewsouk

Most of us know knitting is making fabric from a strand of yarn and usually uses 2 needles. The word knitting derives from the word “knots” and to knit means to tie or join.The earliest fabric pieces which have the appearance of knitting still existing are socks and stockings made in the 300 AD in Egypt.

derives from the French wood “crochet "
meaning hook. There is no clear evidence to show that people did crochet work before the 1800s so it is a much more modern craft than knitting. The first crochet patterns were published in Europe in 1824. With the industrial revolution machine spun cotton became readily available replacing more expensive linen and so crochet became more popular. Early crochet hooks were nothing more than bent needles stuck into cork, richer ladies used decorated silver, steel, ivory and bone hooks though these were more to set off a rich lady’s fine hands rather than for serious work.

Quilting Survey

By FabricGreetings

Here are a few facts that came from a survey that is presented By “Quilters Newsletter” in cooperation with the International Quilt Market and Festival, a division of Quilts, Inc.

These results are from a survey conducted for 2010.

  • 14% of US households are home to one active quilter

  • total quilters in US exceeds 21 million

  • In 2010 – quilting households spent an average of $219 up 27% from 2006

Estimated total dollar value of quilting industry - $3.58 billion

Dedicated quilters are defined as households that spend more than $600 per year on quilting related purchases

Who is the dedicated quilter? (My profile)

  • Female (dedicated)

  • 62 years old ( over dedicated)

  • 72% attended college (dedicated)

  • Affluent - $91,602 HH income (very under dedicated)

  • Spend an average $2,442 per year on quilting (under dedicated)

  • Quilting for average of 16 years (over dedicated)

  • 44% prefer traditional quilts

  • 50% enjoy both traditional and contemporary styles (my choice)

  • Check out this web site for free quilting patterns:

Etsy shops featuring quilting items:


Unknown said...

Thanks for the crafty facts! I learned something new today!

Nancy said...

Great information here. Thanks for mentioning my Etsy shop. I do love to quilt! Have been quilting for over 25 years. I wish I had more time to work on a few new quilt projects.

RobinsFlight said...

Wow, such interesting tidbits!

Sarah Kathryn said...

Great feature on knitting, crocheting, and quilting - three things I would love to learn to do someday soon!

Aloha Letterpress said...

Such interesting background info --Thank you for sharing!