Saturday, February 18, 2012

Origin of Jewels + Photos

jew·el·ry: jewels; especially : objects of precious metal often set with gems and worn for personal adornment

Man has been adorning itself with jewelry for centuries now. Currently we wear jewelry for aesthetic purposes, but the wearing of jewels did not quite start out that way. Jewelery initially was worn as symbols of wealth, power, authority, wards of evil, and victory in battle. Evidence of jewelry has been dated as far back as Cro-Magnon! The Cro-Magnon period was about 40,000 years ago! Jewels from that period weremade from items found from the earth such as shell, bones, animal tusks, and even pearls. (I wonder if this could be the reason I love pearls! They are timeless!!)

If you would like more information on the origin of jewelry and more pictures of period pieces, click the following blog and enjoy!

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