Monday, December 23, 2013

A bright time at the zoo

by RobinsFlight

Our family visited Cincinnati over the Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a fun time.  On Saturday, we took advantage of the relatively warm weather- the highs were near 50*F- to go to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Each year, like many zoos around the country, the Cincinnati Zoo sets up light displays throughout the grounds.  This year, the displays included nearly 2 million lights, including 20,000 on just the large tree at the entrance!


We arrived at the zoo mid-afternoon, with time to see some of the animals before it got dark.  While some of the exhibits were empty, with the animals tucked away in their winter homes, there were still plenty of creatures to see.

My mother even surprised me by facing her fears and accompanying us into the reptile house!  (And those are the alligators we saw there, not my mother!)

I must admit, I was not as brave as she, and did not go with them into the insect exhibit.  Instead, I sat outside and watched as dust settled and the lights came on.

Soon, it was completely dark, and the lights became the main attraction, lining the paths and covering the trees.


The highlight was the "Wild Lights" show, located around a pond at the center of the zoo and featuring lights that changed to music.

Lots of other people thought it would be a fun thing to do also.  By the time we left, cars were lined up at the entrance in both directions, waiting to get in!  It's definitely a good thing we got there early.

All in all, it was quite a fun time! 


Jeanie said...

when the weather cooperates, visiting the zoo in winter is a nice change of pace.

FabricGreetings said...

I love Christmas lights. What a great way to spend an afternoon and early evening.

FabricGreetings said...
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Jewelsby Trish said...

Fantastic!!! Love, love looking at Christmas lights!