Monday, December 16, 2013

Beyond online selling

by JeanieBeanHandknits

Selling your handmade wares face to face can be exciting and a bit scary, but with some pre-show preparation and planning you can be successful and take your business to a whole new level. I just participated in the largest show in my area: 380 booths in a 3 day show at a well known venue. I began creating and planning months ago to create a “boutique” setting for my 10’ by 10’ booth. I wanted to create a space that would set my booth apart and draw customers in to see more of what I had to offer.

With some advance planning you can maximize the space and make it visually appealing and inviting. I decided on a U shaped set up to maximize the space I had available using adjustable height tables at the rear of my booth to add interest and use the vertical space available. Black felt table covers purchased for less than $30 at a fabric store provided a clean, professional backdrop for my displays as well as cover for my bins, packaging, and snacks placed under the table . I added a shop banner as a backdrop so shoppers could see my shop in the sea of booths available. I added some holiday sparkle with a retro Christmas tree and a vase filled with battery operated lit branches and silver glittered branches.

Vintage suitcases and woven cases add differences in height and visual interest. They also add both storage and display appeal. I used some items from my home to display my smaller items.

A birdcage placed on a lazy susan brought some interest to my hair clippies. The hair clippies were attached to my business cards and added to the birdcage with gold painted mini clothespins.

I placed a room screen on the edge of my booth and filled it with my scarves. People were drawn to the array of colors and textures and the screen took up very little room.

Small colorful boxes and a thread storage system kept my smaller items organized and visually appealing. A simple dress form place behind the table adds some vertical visual interest and a porcelain hand displayed my fingerless mittens.

Setting up a “boutique” to sell your wares is both exhausting and exciting but with some planning and creativity you can give your business a boost and build a personal connections with your customers.


FabricGreetings said...

Way to go, Jeanie. Tiring, but love the face to face.

Sewsouk said...

I love your booth Jeanie. Very inventive displays and so beautifully laid out. Very warm and inviting. Sets off your lovely items perfectly. A++++++!